Social Media Analysis

At GIS, we are specially trained as Certified Social Media Intelligence Analysts. In this day and age, social media can be used to make connections that were previously unknown. Social Media Analysis can be used for:


  • Finding relationships between individuals

  • Tracking an individual's day to day activities

  • Point out patterns in an individual's everyday life

  • Locating hard to find individuals

  • Point out patterns of illicit activity


At GIS, we not only find these associations, we have the capability to capture those webpages along with the metadata behind the webpage for use in legal proceedings. Having the webpage metadata is a key capability that allows this evidence to be shown in court, and could be the difference behind your client winning or losing their case.

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Our Certifications

Groseclose Investigation Services, LLC has the training and expertise to conduct professional, thorough, discreet investigations.

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