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Groseclose Investigation Services, LLC is committed to providing quality investigations to Tampa, Florida, Hillsborough County, and surrounding areas. The owner and founder of GIS is retired from active duty military as a Chief Warrant Officer 3, Senior Human Intelligence Operations Officer and holds a Top Secret security clearance; meaning we know the importance of protecting personal information and conducting discreet investigations. During his 23 years of military service, and subsequent civilian career, he has been trained in, and utilized, advanced techniques in surveillance, counter-surveillance and surveillance detection; interrogations and interviews; terrorist threat investigations; and investigations to locate hard to find, wanted individuals.

GIS now uses this extensive experience to perform private investigations in the civilian world. We conduct in depth interviews to find the truth behind the accusations in a professional and discreet manner. As a former Human Intelligence professional, GIS has the skills necessary to conduct undercover operations to bring the truth to light. We use the latest equipment in hidden cameras that produce high quality HD video that will leave no doubt as to the reality of the situation. If the issue is the need to conduct a locate investigation, as a Certified Social Media Intelligence Analyst and with access to comprehensive databases, GIS has the ability to find who you are looking for. Put our experience to work for you.

GIS uses our expertise in locating individuals; social media analysis skills; our advanced surveillance techniques; and certification as a Human Trafficking Investigator to assist non-profit organizations in combating human trafficking. All of our work done with non-profit organizations is performed pro bono.

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Our Services include:

  • Locate Investigations - GIS works diligently to locate the individual you are looking for using our skills as a Certified Social Media Intelligence Analyst with access to comprehensive databases

  • Undercover Operations - resolving issues within the workplace, such as theft or illicit activities, are best handled by outside agencies so as to avoid the appearance of bias or conflict of interest.

  • Social Media Analysis - GIS is specially trained to analyze social media content to find unknown associations between individuals and develop patterns of life.

  • Surveillance - GIS has advanced training in the latest surveillance techniques. Our methods are discreet and have proven results. Our surveillance uses HD video cameras with time-stamped footage that leaves no room for doubt.

Our Certifications

Groseclose Investigation Services, LLC has the training and expertise to conduct professional, thorough, discreet investigations.

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